Who are the 'Comfort Women'?

The so called 'comfort women' system was the planned, organised, systemic trafficking and sexual enslavement of approximately 200,000 young women all over Asia — primarily from 11 Japanese colonies — by the Japanese Imperial Army from 1932-1945. Historians estimate that only one out of four women enslaved would survive, a death rate higher than that of frontline combat soldiers. This makes the 'comfort women' issue one of the largest, unacknowledged, unatoned-for atrocities of the twentieth century.

For seventy years, the Japanese government (aided and abetted by the US) denied the existence of the system of 'comfort women'. The small number of women who survived retreated into the shadows, wracked with illness, nightmares, debilitating pain and shame. The majority of them were sterile from the extreme sexual violence, and many carried the secrets of their broken bodies to their graves. Then in 1991, a single Korean woman came out and broke the silence. After the first testimony of former 'comfort woman' Kim Hak-soon, many human rights organisations are demanding a genuine apology and reparation. The Japanese government has still refused to take any legal liability for this war crime.


Restoring the dignity of
former 'Comfort Women'

MCWM Task Force is a nonprofit organisation
aiming to establish a 'Statue of Peace' in Melbourne.
Above all, we will recognise the wrong history of the
past, further develop into advocates of anti-war,
peace, and human rights movements, with the aim
of preventing the repetition of history.

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